June 3

5 Ways to Get More Customers Using Google My Business

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In a past article, we showed you how to create and verify your Google My Business listing. We also published several articles showing how this listing helps you rank higher for local searches. But many of our clients have asked a very direct question: does this mean I will also grow my customer base?

The answer is yes. Customers rely on information they can trust in order to decide to buy from one company or another. With a complete and accurate Google My Business listing, your potential customers will get clear and trustworthy information, as well as the indication that your business is located close to them.

Perfecting Your Google My Business Listing: Time Well Spent

One thing that you need to know (if you didn’t already) is that claiming your Google My business listing is free. That’s right, no fee, no ads, and no PPC campaigns. This is why it is so important for small business owners to focus on GMB.

You don’t have the budget to compete with large international companies for the most popular keywords and for premium advertising space in large online publications. But you have it in your power to attract the attention of customers in your local area and get them to visit your shop or online store.

Here are five ways in which you can achieve this with your Google My Business listing:

1. Use a High Quality Featured Image

Image is everything in business and you get one shot with Google My Business to show your potential customer what they can expect when they walk in your store. Take your time to create a crisp, clear and representative image for your business. Most stores opt for a photo of their shop window and sign to help customers recognise the location.

If this is the case, make sure that your store is carefully framed and take the picture when there are no people passing to block the view. Ideally, you should edit out cables and poles that obstruct the view.

2. Have an Ongoing Posting Calendar for GMB

Your Google My Business listing has a section where you can post events and updates. Make sure that you use it and you create original content to share there when you have anything interesting to communicate.

You should create a checklist to include a blog post, social media post and GMB article for any new development: product launch, special in-store discounts, opening a new location, etc.

3. Constantly Review and Update your Google My Business Listing

Google relies on feedback from your customers to update your Google My Business listing. In most cases, they give accurate information. But it is possible to see your business category or description updated by Google to something inaccurate.

It happens quite frequently, so make sure you look over your GMB listing at least once per month in order to correct any inaccuracies.

4. Encourage Customer Reviews on Your GMB Listing

Positive reviews on your GMB listing will help your website rank higher for local searches and determine potential customers to visit your store. The detail box for your business that Google displays on local searches includes, among other details, your rating given by customers and up to three reviews.

5. Use Videos to Entice Customers

Apart from photos, you can also upload videos on your Google My Business listing. As you know, video is the king of content, as it outperforms texts and static images. Here are some simple video ideas to help you get more customers:

  • A video tour of your store;
  • Interviews with your team;
  • Events your store hosted;
  • Rewarding a loyal customer.

Last but not least, go beyond Google My Business and make sure that your NAP citations (business name, address and phone number) are accurate and up to date on all the directories where your business is featured.

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