June 25

7 Original and Effective Ways to Build Backlinks

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What are the best ways to build backlinks? You create quality content – check. You share it on your social media pages – check. You guest post – check. But it is still not enough. You are not getting the good link juice you were expecting from high ranking pages. Remember, link building is not only about quantity, but also about quality of web pages linking to yours.

We understand your frustration. The thing is, the internet is such a huge place, that it is very hard to make a specific piece of content or a specific website stand out and draw attention. However, it is not impossible. We believe that creative solutions are always available to those who have the dedication to pursue them.

Prepare to Learn New Ways to Build Backlinks

The link building methods we are about to share may appear a little audacious or too time consuming. However, the question is: do you have anything to lose? You want to improve your page rank and get found in Google searches by your customers.

So you have to start stepping outside the trodden path and into the link building wilderness. The only guiding advice we have for you is to be patient and always polite and friendly when interacting with anyone that may give you a backlink.

These being said, these are some unexpected (but efficient) ways to build backlinks to your site:

1. Look for Broken Links

The traditional method says: find broken links leading to your site and contact the webmasters asking them to fix them. The original method we propose now is this: actively look for broken links related to your keywords.

Here’s how it works. First, go to Google and type in one of the following combinations:

  • Your keyword + links
  • Your keyword + resources
  • Your keyword inurl:links.

Google will display resource websites focused on your keyword. Resource websites contain mainly links pointing to web pages on a specific topic (parenting, healthy eating, sustainable fashion, etc.).

Next, install a Google Chrome extension called Check My Links. It will find any broken links on the respective web page. Identify one for which you can suggest relevant content on your website.

The last step is critical. You need to contact the webmaster and:

  • Explain that they have a broken link – say exactly where it is found
  • Suggest them to replace it with your own link.

The message must sound helpful, friendly and polite. Do not be too overbearing or insist too much on getting your link featured. In many cases, this method works, because resource websites do not want broken links – it drives their readers away.

2. Tell Influencers that Their Advice Worked

Among other creative ways to build backlinks from high page rank sites is to reach out SEO or marketing influencers whose advice you followed and yielded results. Thank them for helping you out and share relevant data to substantiate your claim. Do not ask for a link back. If your results are relevant, you will earn one without asking.

Here is why: everyone is happy to receive thanks and recognition for their efforts. Also, for an influencer, proof that their methods work will help them maintain their status as an expert in their field. Thus, the influencer may decide to feature your story as a successful case study, linking back to your website.

3. Try Newsjacking

What exactly is newsjacking? And why is it one of the ways of building backlinks? Newsjacking means using a recent and relevant news story, adapting it to suit your own marketing purposes.

Here is a classic example: when the #MeToo movement started gaining traction, top men’s care products brand Gillette used it in an acclaimed ad that attempts to define the new, responsible form of masculinity. You can watch the ad here.

There are a few rules you must follow when newsjacking:

  • Use the news story while it is still very fresh
  • Make sure that it is relevant to your brand, niche and products
  • Think carefully about using a controversial or sensitive news story.

4. Add Tweet This Links to Your Content

Tweet This is a very simple WordPress plugin that allows you to select a memorable quote in your article and turn it into a tweet with a single click. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to build backlinks.

Whenever you share relevant data you researched, or have a really witty sentence in an article, format it using the Tweet This plugin. Any reader with a Twitter account can post it on their news feed with just one click or tap. From there, your article will have plenty of opportunities to get seen and receive backlinks.

5. Create Useful Shareable Templates

Everyone loves a little free tool that helps them stay organised, makes their work easier or is simply convenient to use. Here is a current example: as the UEFA EURO 2020 soccer championship is unfolding, many websites offer online fixtures where users can fill in match results and see which teams qualify into the next round.

Another example of a useful shareable tool is one we also included in one of our articles: the Advanced Marketing Institute’s headline analyser. While this last example is quite complex, and requires a specialised algorithm, it should not discourage you.

For example, if you run a footwear brand, you can create a quick template that customers can use to select the right shoe size based on the length and width of their foot.

6. Create High Quality Presentations and Infographics

In today’s online world, image is just as important as content. Thus, if you have really useful information or your own research data, wrap it nicely in a visual presentation or infographic that stands out.

Anyone can put together an informative article starting from various data. But what most people want is a way to visualise abstract information, such as percentages or statistics. So take the time to identify the best presentation format for your content, and create something that people will want to share and other websites will want to link back to.

7.  Build Relationships with the Press

Journalists and marketers are not natural born enemies, although many anecdotes make it appear so. In fact, maintaining a healthy relationship with news outlets is one of the most effective ways to build backlinks that can really boost your page rank.

There are various online platforms, like HARO or SourceBottle, but also dedicated Twitter hashtags that journalists use when they are seeking information or relevant quotes: #JournoRequest and #PRrequest.

You should tap into all these resources and be helpful whenever you can. In time, you will build solid relationships with various journalists, who will trust your website as a reliable reference for information they include in their articles.

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