May 29

What Are the Advantages of Facebook Marketing?

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For many of us, marketing or advertising our businesses through Facebook may seem almost too obvious a path in 2023. Surely, this marketing strategy is a thoroughly well-trodden one, with lots of fierce competition? Are there still significant advantages of Facebook marketing or advertising that businesses can benefit from?

Or you might have read all of the stuff about Facebook just not being ‘the place to be’ for marketers anymore – perhaps because of algorithm changes that make organic Facebook posts less powerful for brand awareness processes than they once were.

Advantages of Using Facebook for Business Marketing

Facebook marketing hasn’t yet set off into the sunset, though – yep, not even in the 2020s. Here are a few advantages of Facebook marketing to remind yourself of before dismissing Facebook’s continued relevance for spreading the word about your brand.

It still gets your brand in front of a lot of eyeballs

Is Facebook fading? The usage statistics hardly suggest that. In fact, the average number of people logging into Facebook daily sat at 2.04 billion, as of the first quarter of 2023. So, however much you might be tempted to overlook Facebook for marketing these days, there continue to be an awful lot of people spending an awful lot of time on it.

You can really drill down to those desired audiences

Few social media networks allow you to target Facebook users in certain demographics with quite the same level of precision as Facebook makes possible. Whether it’s by age, location, interests or behaviour, there are just so many ways to reach those people on Facebook that you might’ve presumed would be unreachable.

Facebook advertising gives you quick results

Yeah, we’re perfectly aware of your pain – or should we say, painful conversations with the SEO guy, who insists you can’t expect your brand to be number one in the Google rankings by this time tomorrow. He’s right, too. Some ways of boosting brand awareness just don’t work instantaneously.

Marketing through Facebook, though… There are wide-reaching, quick and long-term benefits and advantages of Facebook marketing and advertising. Creating ads and then launching a Facebook advertising campaign can be really useful in reaching thousands of people and many potential customers basically from day one.

Facebook ad campaigns are budget-friendly and easy to set up with customisable targeting options for your ads. It’s also easy to track and measure important metrics such as your conversion rate and return on ad spend (ROAS).

Plus, Facebook offers a variety of call-to-action (CTA) buttons that you can add to your Facebook page and ads. These CTA buttons help direct and encourage customers to take action on your page or post. CTAs make a huge impact on your ads performance, particularly in increasing your click-through rate.

Moreover, when customers don’t convert on their first visit, Facebook Ads Manager offers an effortless solution to retarget such visitors and followers of your business page. You can leverage the platform to generate lookalike audiences based on their demographic characteristics.

So, when you want to drive traffic and conversions in a sledgehammer effect, it’s still pretty hard to look past Facebook.

It could lower your cost per acquisition

The fact that Facebook marketing is so popular could prevent you from noticing that it’s still pretty cheap to do, compared to a lot of the obvious alternatives out there.

So, if you focus on advertising on Facebook and hit upon the right formula, your longer-term acquisition costs are likely to be lower than if you had oriented your brand purely to pricier digital marketing methods.

You’ll likely get more offline sales through it, too

Now, you might like the sound of all of the above – but what if your small business is a locally-oriented one that depends largely on ‘high street’ or ‘brick and mortar’ sales?

Even for a business like this, Facebook marketing can be a really good idea. A lot of firms using Facebook advertising have often reported their offline or ‘in-store’ traffic going up as a consequence of a campaign on the platform, as well as their website traffic and online engagement.

In today’s world, customers often effortlessly flit between online and offline channels. They might visit your website through your Facebook marketing, for instance, before deciding to visit your premises in person. This, in turn, could enable them to talk to you directly or get up close with your product or solution, so that they can decide whether it is the right one for them.

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