December 9

Digital Marketing Strategy for Smartphone Repair Companies



Smartphones are more than just communication devices. They store so much valuable personal data, that people are very careful about keeping their phones in good condition for as long as possible. However, accidents happen and smartphones get broken – either physically, or their software stops working. This is where smartphone repair companies step in to restore these devices to a working condition. And now we step in to show you how to build an effective digital marketing strategy for your smartphone repair business.

 An In-Demand Service Does Not Guarantee a Steady Flow of Customers

You may wonder why you need a digital marketing strategy. After all, as we pointed out, people are willing to spend money to fix their smartphones. There would be no problem if your company were one of the few supplying this service in this field.

In reality, you have a lot of competitors, fighting for the same customer base. And they are certainly working on their digital marketing strategy to gain visibility for their brand name and attract new clients. You should do the same.

What Are the Key Components of a Successful Digital Media Strategy?

There are three areas where you should focus your efforts (and budget):

  • Your website
  • Social engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Social media marketing.

In this article, we will give you a few actionable tips to help your create and maintain a digital marketinh marketing for smartphone repairs company. Let us get started!

1. Define a Solid Keyword Strategy

Your digital marketing strategy relies on the keywords you use in your content. By content, we mean a lot of things:

  • Website page texts
  • Blog articles
  • Social media posts
  • Online ads.

The ruling trends for keywords are the present involve focusing on long tail keywords and local keywords. Long tail keywords are phrases that people use to fine tune their search, such as “replace broken screen for Samsung Galaxy smartphone”. Local keywords include your location in the key phrase, such as “smartphone repairs in Brisbane”.

2. Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Even though they need their smartphone fixed, your potential clients are most likely using another mobile phone to look for a smartphone repair company. A mobile friendly website is one of the critical elements of any digital marketing strategy for any company.

If you are not convinced that you should make this effort, then you should know that Google penalises the ranking of websites that are not mobile optimised. Thus, no matter how much money you invest in SEO, your website will not reach the first page of Google search results.

3. Find New Customers through Social Listening

Here is a great idea for your digital marketing strategy: be proactive in finding potential clients. How can you do it? By using social monitoring tools like Mention, you can get a daily report of mentions for “broken phone screen” or “fix my smartphone” or other keywords you target across various social media platforms.

Next, you can step in by contacting people who posted such inquiries and live in your area of coverage. You should start by trying to find out more about their problem and then make them an offer.

4. Be Helpful and Active on Social Media Platforms

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter are your best friends when it comes to creating an ongoing traffic funnel to your website. The key of success in this aspect of your digital marketing strategy is being social.

This involves:

  • Being helpful through free advice, video tutorials and live Facebook videos showing your followers how to troubleshoot simple smartphone problems;
  • Answering questions and offering free downloads for people who subscribe to your newsletter;
  • Sharing special offers, such as discounts for a specific issue (broken screen replacement, battery replacement etc.).

5. Create a Budget for Paid Advertising

Nothing is for free these days. No matter how much you try to generate organic traffic to your website, you will not be able to go beyond a very low level. For the rest, you have to pay. This mean: Google AdWord ads, Instagram and Facebook ads or boosted posts on Facebook.

For this part, you should discuss with specialists in order to establish a realistic budget. The Popularise team is ready to help you and make sure that your Facebook ads reach the right prospects, so get in touch with us!

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