May 15

How Should We Be Using Facebook for Marketing? Advanced Strategy, Tips

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With over two billion monthly active users, Facebook presents an outstanding opportunity to connect with potential customers, build relationships and increase brand awareness globally and locally. An advanced Facebook marketing strategy is necessary to make the most of this popular platform.

As important as it is to understand the broad principles underpinning the central components of Facebook – such as the Pages, Groups and Marketplace – if your brand is to gain the best results from its social media marketing efforts on Facebook, this is merely a foundation for success.

What do we mean by that? Well, we’re underlining that you can’t just depend on ‘old school’ ideas if you are to derive the maximum value from your efforts to promote your brand on Facebook in 2020.

There’s a lot of competition, after all, and a reluctance to keep abreast of the latest developments will inevitably allow rivals in your industry to steal in ahead of you and suck up that business you’re competing with each other for.

So, here are a few slightly more advanced Facebook marketing strategy and ideas that could be well worth applying in the months and years ahead.

Don’t just depend on organic advertising!

Sadly, while organic advertising on Facebook may have once been pretty effective, that effectiveness has decayed somewhat in recent years.

In fact, let’s be honest here – ensuring your desired target audience can actually find you on Facebook these days really necessitates you being very deliberate and targeted with your Facebook marketing campaigns, including making good use of the renowned Facebook ads ecosystem.

The good news, though, is that Facebook advertising really is a path overflowing with potential for your brand. In particular, the in-depth and far-reaching demographic information that Facebook gathers about its users enables you to drill down with the targeting of your ads to specific audiences.

That could make all kinds of targeted processes – such as tapping into Facebook users’ recent purchase behaviour, nurturing leads and building audiences with the ‘Custom Audiences’ feature, and layering targeting options – so much easier for your brand.

Facebook Marketing Strategy to Supercharge Your Efforts

Whether your firm’s Facebook marketing campaigns are driven principally by a wish to improve the quality of your sales, nudge yourself ahead of competitors, drive traffic or generate leads and conversions – to cite just some of the possibilities – the below advanced Facebook marketing strategy and tips could bring particular joy in your current marketing efforts

1.            Make the most of Custom and Lookalike Audiences.

When you create an ad on Facebook, you are able to target it to people in whatever custom or lookalike audience you might have devised. The Lookalike Audiences feature, for instance, is great for creating highly targeted cold audiences, ‘lookalike audiences’ being audiences you have put together that look like your own targets.

2.            Change the auction bidding from lowest cost, to lowest cost with a cap.

This is a little-known way to bolster campaign performance, largely because people often overlook that Facebook has a default mode as far as bidding in the auction is concerned. It does this to keep the cost per result as low as possible, and achieves it by automatically bidding on the advertiser’s behalf. If you set a bid cap with lowest-cost bidding, though, you’ll be able to prevent your campaign costs from rising above a set amount, while also boosting ad distribution.

3.            Call upon the Test and Learn tool.

This is a free-to-use feature that allows you to quickly set up and analyse tests, with the benefit of Facebook’s scientifically rigorous experimentation technology. All in all, it’s an excellent tool for figuring out which of your brand’s campaigns deliver the best results at the lowest cost. Depending on the tests that you might choose to create with the tool, it could be very useful for such things as comparing the performance of multiple Facebook ads campaigns, measuring how your ads affect brand awareness or recall, and assessing the incremental lift of your advertising.

The various complexities and intricacies of Facebook marketing and advertising can understandably and inevitably be overwhelming for some of those trying to get to grips with the potential of the platform for spreading the word about their business.

Nonetheless, once you do understand the impact that these more advanced strategies can have, you’ll likely be well-placed to take your Facebook business page and brand so much further on social media.

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