June 9

Google My Business for Restaurants – What You Need To Know

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Restaurants were among the most affected businesses by the recent pandemic. Indeed, in many countries they are still closed and their owners had to adapt to home deliveries to stay in business. But even after lockdown is lifted everywhere, restaurants will have a hard work to bring customers back at their socially distanced tables. In this context, Google My Business for restaurants is not just a good idea, but a necessity.

Local Restaurants Need to Boost Their Visibility for Potential Customers

As many marketers can confirm, many small local restaurants rely on their loyal customers to stay in business. But the world has changed, and so have people’s spending priorities. Many remained without a job. Others are not convinced that it is safe to go and have lunch or dinner at a restaurant with their family.

Thus, every restaurant needs to reconsider its marketing strategy and use every marketing tool they have at their disposal to attract new customers. And with Google My Business for restaurants, even small businesses get a fighting chance.

What Exactly Is Google My Business for Restaurants?

GMB is like a complex business directory. We call it complex, because you get many facilities and can reap a lot of benefits if you make the most of them. Thus, you get:

  • A full business description with all the contact data;
  • A section where you can post news and update;
  • A FAQ section where you can offer your clients answers to common questions;
  • A section where you can collect ratings and reviews from your clients.

As you can see, all these facilities far exceed the regular business profile you can create on other online directories. Plus, being a Google property, your GMB profile is one of the key factors for ranking in local searches.

Time to Create Your Own GMB Profile – What You Need to Know!

With Google My Business for restaurants, you car make your business name visible on Google Maps and for local searches to countless potential new clients. So, you must invest a lot of attention in crafting the perfect listing for your restaurant.

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

1. Treat Your GMB Listing as a Landing Page

When consumers look for a local business, Google selects the perfect match and displays it prominently in a separate section. This section includes:

  • A photo
  • The business name
  • Contact details
  • Type of business
  • Business rating
  • Customer reviews.

A look at this section determines the consumer to click on it and find out more or keep searching. To make a small extrapolation, this section is like a landing page. The information they find there make people click on the CTA or not.

Thus, every element listed above must be planned and executed with the greatest care to make your restaurant look appealing to a potential client.

2. Showcase What Is Special about Your Restaurant

Google My Business for restaurants has specific sections to help customers understand more about what they may find once they walk inside. Thus, you have to specify:

  • Your type of cuisine
  • The atmosphere in your restaurant
  • Your signature dish.

Be as specific and descriptive as you can. Remember, people don’t go to a restaurant simply to eat. They go there for the experience: the décor, the music, and the way the waiters interact with them. Thus, your description should make it east for a potential customer to imagine how they would feel in your restaurant.

3. Spice Up Your GMB Listing with Photos and Videos

While descriptions are great and useful for local SEO ranking, they are not enough. We live in the age when everyone carries a powerful photo and video camera in their pocket – the smartphone. Thus, consumers expect to see lots of relevant photos and videos on business profiles.

For a restaurant, a mouth watering photo of a selection of dishes or the tables with happy customers having a great time and enjoying their meals can make the difference between a few irrelevant clicks and a lot of bookings.

4. New Update to GMB Listings for Restaurants during Lockdown

Recently, Google has updated the listing sections for restaurants to allow them to select the way they serve their customers. Thus, you can opt between: Dine-in, Delivery and Takeout.

Thus, even if you are not allowed to seat customers at your tables, you can still get sales and keep your restaurant in business.

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