June 4

Latest News: 3 New Google Local Ads Formats Are Available for Businesses



Google is one of the best allies to small local businesses, if you know how to use their services and play by their rules. Every once in a while the Alphabet team is adding new features that are specifically designed to help local stores attract more customers. The latest feature of this kind is a set of three new Google local ads formats that you can use to promote your business.

Getting Local – the Strongest Trend in Digital Marketing

We have been covering various relevant topics related to local SEO and local search trends. The reason we do this is because the bigger trend is to spread your marketing net as far as you can likely attract customers and no further.

There are several reasons for this. And we will start with you, the business owner. You do not have the financial power to fight against large brands and bid for very popular keywords. Secondly, it would serve no purpose. You have no use for website traffic coming from people in another city or another country. They are highly unlikely to ever set foot in your store.

Thus, Google local ads are one of the best choices from the financial point of view and in terms of effectiveness.

How Do Google Local Ads Work?

These mobile based ads rely on the GPS of the user’s mobile phone. Whenever a person enters the geographical radius specified in your ad settings while using Google Maps, they will see your ad. This is one of the most effective ways of advertising to a local community.

Instead of trying to find out when they are more likely to be online and see your ads, you serve these ads to them when they are physically near your store. With the latest Google local ads formats, you can target customers in even more relevant and useful ways.

Discover the New Google Local Ads Formats

Now let us get to the real core of this article: what the new types of ads do and why we believe you should know about them.

1. Auto Suggest Ads

Let us imagine this scenario. You have a car tire shop. Someone in your local area got a flat tire and needs a new one urgently. They start a search in Google Maps for “new tires” or “tire shop” on their smartphone.

Google will start displaying various ads from all tire shops nearby that set up Google Maps ads. The ad will show your business name and your address. Thus, the user can choose the shop that is closest to their current location.

2. Navigational Ads

Almost everyone uses Google Maps for directions. They are very detailed and offer helpful, step by step directions. Even if you have never been to a place before, you will reach if without wasting time by following Google Maps directions.

Now, businesses along any user’s route will have their navigational ads pop up on the map as they are walking or driving by. This is one of the most effective types of Google local ads formats. Many people remember that they need a specific product by seeing an ad for it. Thus, you will get more foot traffic in your store and more sales.

2. Similar Places Ads

Consumers have specific habits. They like a certain type of cuisine, a certain style of clothes and so on. But what happens if they want to go to their favourite restaurant or shoe store and it is closed? (Not a far fetched scenario, given the negative impact of the COVID pandemic on small businesses).

In this case, Google Maps will display a series of ads for similar businesses in the same local area that are open. This is a tremendous opportunity for you. If one of your competitors closed their store, or changed their business hours, you have the chance to attract their customers to your store.

Beta Testing Feature Available for US Businesses

We will end this article with a new feature, currently available for US based businesses. As many customers are shopping online and picking up their products in store (curbside pickup), businesses need a way to organise their inventories and make sure they have sufficient stocks.

When a product is available for curbside pickup one or several days later after the current date, the business can now add this piece of information in their local inventory ads. Thus, a client will know ahead of time that the product they want to order will be ready for pickup the next day or after the weekend.

This pickup later Google local ads format is currently in beta testing. However, if it proves useful for businesses and consumers, it may become available for more geographical areas soon. Bookmark our blog and continue to follow us to learn about the latest updates to Google’s products and services.

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