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Learn How to Write a Blog Post in 60 Minutes



You may be incredulous when you read the title. How can you possibly write a blog post in 60 minutes? It takes a lot of time to find the topic, create an article plan, actually write and then proofread it. As we will demonstrate in this article, it is absolutely possible and you can do it.

Of course, it will require a little preparation ahead of time. But, as an astute business owner, you already know how to take advantage of any window of spare time to solve various tasks. Also, you know that once you do a task several times, it becomes easier and you complete it in a shorter period of time.

Take Advantage of Moments of Great Inspiration

One of the ways in which you will be able to write a blog post in 60 minutes is taking advantage of those brilliant moments when you get a lot of ideas. On many occasions, you let absolutely killer blog post ideas fly away, because it was not a blog writing day.

You need to stop thinking in these terms. As soon as an idea comes – write it down. You can find the best system to store these ideas – from apps like Evernote to a special folder in your laptop.

Ready to Discover Hoe to Write a Post in 60 Minutes? Let’s Go!

As promised, here is a step by step recipe for writing a blog post within the hour, without sacrificing quality or SEO optimisation.

1. Create a List of Topics

As we said above, you will need to prepare ahead of time. This means keeping a list of topics and constantly adding to it. Ideally, you should have sufficient new topics for one month ahead.

If you post only one article per week, this means keeping the list updated with 4 new topics each month. That is not very hard, is it? It does not have to take a lot of time, either. But it will save you a lot of valuable time when you have to write a new blog post.

2. Research Reputable Sources on the Topic

Before you start writing, look up the topic on Google and select a few reputable sources for research. Select the websites you will link back to if you need to refer to:

  • Statistical data
  • New discoveries/developments
  • An insightful quote from an expert.

This should not take more than 10 minutes for a simple 600-word blog post.

3. Pick the Right Keywords

You can write a blog post in 60 minutes if you already know what keywords you want to promote in it. As the SEO best practices show, you should have one main keyword and 2-3 secondary keywords.

Remember that Google is now sufficiently advanced to understand keyword variations. Thus, do not use awkward key phrases, which do not sound natural in the context of the sentence. For instance, Google will understand “leather shoes in Perth” in the same way as “leather shoes Perth”.

Looking over your list of relevant keywords and picking the right one will take about 5 minutes.

3. Create the Article Outline

You will be able to write a blog article in 60 minutes if you have a blueprint to follow. The basic structure of a good article should be something like:

  • Launching a challenge or making a promise to the reader
  • Giving a brief description of what’s to follow
  • The body of the article including all the relevant information, research and answers any questions the reader may have on the topic
  • Conclusion – summarise the above and add a call to action.

This will take maximum 10 minutes.

4. Write the Article Body

Wait! Doesn’t the headline come first? This is an astute observation, but, as we will show here, it is best to leave it to the very last. So, you have already spent 25 minutes of the time slot allocated to write a blog post in 60 minutes.

You can leisurely write the body of the article in another 25 minutes. All you have to do is follow prompts from the sources you selected to quote, the keywords and the article structure.

In time, you will also be able to write the headline within the same 25 minutes. For now, let us say that writing the main body takes this amount of time.

5. Write the Headline

Spend the last 10 minutes re-reading your article, proofreading it and understanding the main idea it expresses. This will allow you to come up with a catchy headline.

Why this? The fact is that many articles start with a bombastic headline, but the content is weak and nowhere close to the main promise. We are not talking about those who intentionally write clikbait articles.

It is just that, at the beginning of the article, you are super excited and enthusiastic to share a great idea with your readers. But as you keep toiling to put together the article, the enthusiasm fizzles and you realise that the topic is not as grand as you imagined it.

But, if you have the written article before you, the headline will be more realistic in the promise it makes to the reader.

Main Takeaways

To write a blog in 60 minutes is not impossible. You do not have to be a professional content writer. All you need to be is:

  • Organised
  • Focused
  • Dedicated.

In the very end, you are writing about the thing you are most passionate about: your field of business. If you were not excited and enthusiastic about it, you would not be in business. So, use the motivation that makes you work hard on your business to develop the craft of writing blog posts in a shorter time, but without sacrificing quality.

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