February 15

Local SEO Tips for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

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In the near future, we will see more electric cars than cars running on fossil fuel on the roads. As people become more and more worried about pollution and discover the many benefits of electric vehicles, they will ditch their noisy and fume-belching cars for sleek, silent and environmentally friendly models. One industry will grow alongside the number of these cars: electric vehicle charging stations.

Indeed, one of the key issues consumers raise at the present is the little number of places where they can charge an electric car, especially if they go on a long journey. Soon enough, there will be as many EV charging stations as petrol stations. Thus, we believe that it will be useful to share several local SEO tips for electric vehicle charging stations.

What Statistics Say about the EV Charging Stations Market

We don’t pretend to know what future holds for various industries, so we rely on research and statistical data. When we started discussing the opportunity of writing local SEO tips for electric vehicle charging stations, we found a relevant market research that focuses on the development of this industry in the near future.

Thus, in just 6 years, the electric vehicle charging stations market will reach the global value of USD 29.7 billion. And one of the fastest growing regions will be the Asia Pacific area, including Australia.

It’s Time to Put Your EV Station on the Map!

If you are already operating an EV station or plan to get in business, the time to start promoting it is now. Soon, you will find the map crowded by competitors, vying for the most visible positions in Google search result pages,

Your business will stop being a novelty and you need to fight to keep your dominant position in your local market. Therefore, it’s time to start working on a local marketing strategy for your EV charging station.

Local SEO Tips for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The first step in promoting your EV charging station is claiming your Google My Business listing. This is the primary resource Google checks when looking for relevant matches for a search term, both in terms of proximity and business reputation.

Once this is done, move on to other critical aspects of building your local SEO strategy. Our suggestions are:

1. Become a Source of Reliable Information

Beyond keyword optimisation and listings, what makes people click on a website is the content that promises to help them find information or solve a problem. This is especially important among other local SEO tips for electric vehicle charging stations.

They are still a novelty and people who plan to buy an electric car want to know everything about it first of all. And how to charge EVs or where they can find charging stations are among their top concerns.

2. Use Website Visitors’ Questions in Your FAQ Page

FAQ pages become increasingly important. They help websites rank both for voice search and also in the “People also ask” section of SERPs.

If you have no idea what to include in the FAQ page for an EV charging station, look at the questions your website visitors left. You will be able to build a consistent list of questions and answers just from this source of inspiration.

3. Use Google Trends to Identify Current Topics Related to Your Niche

Google Trends tells you what people search online in connection with various topics. Among our top local SEO tips for electric vehicle charging stations we recommend setting alerts on Google Trends for relevant keywords.

In this way, you can find out not only what consumers search for, but also what is happening in the electric vehicle industry (for example, regulatory changes, new incentives for consumers who trade their old car for an electric vehicle, etc.).

4. Go Beyond Google

Last but not least on our list of local SEO tips for electric vehicle charging stations, consider promoting your business on other platforms that car owners are using, such as discussion forums and review sites like Yelp or Foursquare. For instance, one of the most popular traffic apps, Waze, is now accepting ads and business listings on its map. Likewise, Apple Maps also allow businesses to set pins for their locations in their app.

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