January 6

New Social Media Platforms You Need to Know Of

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New social media platforms appear and disappear all the time. We remember the now defunct Google+ – it was never really popular. We also remember TikTok – most marketers dismissed it as a platform for kids to get silly. Yet now the same marketers judiciously create content calendars and set aside advertising budgets for TikTok.

The conclusion is simple: you cannot dismiss new social media platforms out of principle or wait until everyone and their brother is advertising and building communities on them. There is always a huge advantage in being an early adopter. You have the chance to build a base of loyal followers before it becomes too crowded to attract their attention.

New Social Media Platforms Focus on Video and Micro-Moments

Looking at the specifics of most new social media platforms we will list in this article, we notice a key trend: video. And not just any type of video, but vertical, short form video. This is not surprising. Everyone is a potential content creator from the moment they get their first mobile phone.

Equipped with advanced cameras (yes, now most mobile phones have three or four cameras) and with tons of editing features, smartphones practically invite people to capture moments. New social media platforms simply give them a place where they can share these moments.

Some of the Fast Growing Social Networks to Keep on Your Radar

Now, if we made you curious, let us start talking about the new social media platforms that could become mainstream for marketing and advertising purposes.

1. Discord

Although not exactly new, Discord has become suddenly popular. It started out as a platform for gamers who wanted to exchange tips, cheats and other gaming related information through:

  • Screen sharing
  • Voice
  • Chat.

Right now, Discord has 150 million monthly active users and has far exceeded its original purpose. Many people choose discord over Slack or Skype for communication purposes. Why should you care about Discord? It is a great platform if you want to build a community, communicate with customers directly, advertise events and keep the conversation going on topics of interest for your business.

2. PearPop

Influencer marketing is not going away – but where do you find the right influencers for your brand? The answer is PearPop – one of the new social media platforms for content creators and brands.

Practically, you can find a great match for your brand image among the content creators who are already checked and vouched for by the platform. Moreover, all content items are checked by PearPop to make sure that they are brand safe. What more do you need to find the right influencers to collaborate with and grow your brand?

3. Patreon

Are you looking for a hassle-free way of monetising your branded content? Then welcome to Patreon – the right place for building a community of followers who are willing to pay for all types of content.

Since everyone knows how the platform works, there is no need to think how to persuade people to pay for premium content. Many independent artists and freelancers rely on Patreon to sell their content. This is one of the new social media platforms that solve the issue of how to generate more value for your brand from unique, high quality content.

4. BeReal

We said that new social media platforms are focused on micro-moments, as well as video, as key trends. And BeReal is an example of the first trend. Created in France, the app sends the user daily reminders at random moments to take a selfie and a photo of whatever they are doing (thus, using both the front and back phone cameras).

Once the alert is given, the user has 2 minutes to take and share the photos. This very specific way of sharing images promises to be great for companies that want to put a human face to their brand. Each day or week you can appoint a team member to be the face of the company and share insightful behind the scenes images from your offices, store, workshop, etc.

5. Shuffles by Pinterest

Right now, Shuffles by Pinterest is available for iOS devices only and by invite. Thus, it may be some time before anyone in your company gets the app. Yet, we believe it’s great to know about its potential ahead of time.

So, what does Shuffles do? This is a social media app that allows users to collaborate and create collages together. Moreover, each image in the collage is linked to its creators’ Pinterst profile and listed product. Thus, it can be a great way for brands to collaborate without being competitive. For example, a clothing brand, a cosmetics brand and a footwear brand can create collages of full outfits plus matching makeup. And each of the products is linked back to the respective company’s Pinterest profile.

6. Spotify Greenroom

New social media platform tend to spring out of existing platforms. After Pinterest, Spotify decided to create a separate virtual place called Greenroom. This space allows users to listen to music and podcasts live.

The platform caters to various interests, offering brands from various industries the opportunity to share content, build audiences and increase their reach.

7. Supernova

We will conclude the list of new social media platforms with one which helps companies with their CSR efforts. How so? Because Supernova pledges to donate 60% of all advertising incomes to charities chosen by the users.

Thus, when a user creates an account, they can select the charitable causes they support. When they get a “Like” for the content they posted, a portion of the “Supernova Action Fund” is donated to the user’s charity of choice. So, we believe that using Supernova is a great opportunity to tackle into new audiences and win goodwill by supporting charities.

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