March 3

Original CTAs that Actually Work



The first goal of any digital marketing campaign is to get conversions from visitors to leads. It is a minimal level of commitment for the individual, but it shows that they are interested in what you have to offer. All these conversions are performed through the magic click or tap on the CTA button. And today we will show you relevant examples of original CTAs that actually work.

Boring CTAs Fail to Convert

Do you know what happens when you sit in a room with a background buzzing noise for some time? In a few minutes, you stop noticing that noise. Your brain filters it out to load its sensory processing burden.

The same happens with visual inputs, such as CTA buttons. You know the standard text you expect to see:

  • Sign up
  • Download
  • Subscribe now.

If you see it for too many times, it fails to produce the sense of urgency and the motivation to actually click on that button. This is why you need to consider sprucing up your CTAs.

Try a New Approach – Original CTAs that Actually Work!

You have been taught that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel, you don’t have to fix it if it isn’t broken, and so on. But if you see a decline in your conversion rate, then your CTA copywriting is broken and needs reinventing.

Some companies are already doing it and are not afraid to think outside the box. The sheer novelty of their CTAs attracts visitors’ interests and they get a constant flow of new leads.

So  how do they do it? Here is what we learned after studying many original CTAs that actually work:

1. Set Visitors into Action

One of the most iconic brand taglines is “Just do it” by Nike. It is cited as one of the best ways to determine consumers to take action, buy sports products and live an active life. Now, think of simple and short variations of this type of message, such as:

  • Let’s go
  • Get started
  • Act now.

These are short messages that instruct people to act. It is in our nature to take action when we are pointed in a certain direction. After all, you’ve built momentum with the copy of your landing page. Why lose it with a bland “Click here” when you can do much better?

2. Join the Lead on the Journey

If you are selling services, from healthy diets and workout routines, to self-help courses, it helps to show the lead that you are their partner in whatever you want them to do. For instance, if you are selling educational or DIY courses, you can choose a motivational CTA like “Let’s start learning!”

These are some of the most effective and original CTAs that actually work. The visitor feels assured that they have an expert at their side, helping them achieve their goals.

3. Tell Your Leads What You Have to Give

“Download now” is not at all helpful. Some people may not understand clearly what they will actually get if they click on that button. So, why not make it clear to them on the CTA button itself?

Look at these examples:

  • Get your free ebook
  • Watch the tutorial
  • Install our app.

People actually understand what you have to offer and this is why this type of original CTAs actually work.

4. Speak in the First Person

One way of attracting leads is to make the entire conversion process personal. It is about them, their needs and their problems. Never about what you want from them. So turn your CTAs around and write things such as:

  • Get my free subscription
  • Build my car
  • Customize my window blinds.

Consumers become vested in the process if they realise it is in their best interests to do so.

5. Use the Need for Belonging

People need to belong to groups of other people with the same beliefs and values as them. This need of validation is actually part of Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs. You will rarely find someone who does not want to belong to a special group.

Thus, make your CTAs for memberships, webinar participations and other similar actions all about the feeling of belonging:

  • Join our club
  • Become one of us
  • Your exclusive membership is here.

This is what everyone wants, after all: the feeling that they are special and deserve a place an exclusive club.

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