October 27

Powerful Ways to Attract Traffic to Your Website

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Let’s start with an easy question: if your website traffic were a song, which one would it be: “I’ll Be Your Number One” or “Lonely Teardrops”? If your website traffic statistics have not budged one single digit for weeks, it certainly is the second option.

Since the beginning of Internet history, the “How to get more traffic to my website?” question has come up time and time again. These 4 simple yet powerful tips will help internet business owners sleep better at night, knowing that they already hold the key to solving the traffic generation problem.

 1. Use Videos

Videos are cheap and easy to make these days, can be hosted for free on YouTube and have the potential to be viewed and shared by millions of people each day. You can add a link in your call to action at the end of the video and bring people on your website.

Does it work? Yes, because videos appeal to the way our brains are programmed to absorb information. Seeing is a natural ability, while reading is a learned one. Therefore, we absorb 65% of the information presented in a visual manner, compared to 10% from a text. Here’s another eye opening statistic: 46% of people who watched a video presentation or ad were curious enough to find more information about the company, and 12% purchased the product they saw in the video ad.

 2. Guest Posting

Large and successful blogs can help your website piggyback on their traffic and page rank if you post a guest article. What is a guest article? As a knowledgeable person in your field of industry, you share some insights, advice, useful tips and tricks with the readers of the blogs. In return, you are allowed to share a link to your website in the Author Bio section.

Guest blogging is usually free or it costs a small nominal fee for very large and popular blogs. The benefits however are huge because the article you post will serve both for SEO as valuable backlink and will raise more awareness about your business.

3. Make Your Website Responsive

If you did not know, Google now penalizes the page rank of websites who are not mobile friendly. We have reached the point where website traffic from mobile devices has exceeded traffic from computers and laptops. If you have not implemented the Responsive Web Design (RWD) concept on your website, you are losing a huge chunk of potential traffic, and your SEO efforts are also undermined.

 4. Use Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Plus…You know these social media platforms, but do you use them? Top brands have one account on each of them and they are active every day, sharing interesting and useful links, photos and videos, organizing contests, giving away loyalty discounts to page followers, in short, driving traffic to their website.

The beauty of it? It is either free or very cheap. You can either be very engaging and continually seeking ways to attract followers through your online posts, or you can choose an affordable advertising plan. Facebook ads let you customize your target audience, down to ages, city of residence and interests, so you can sleep soundly, knowing that your message is being shown to the right audience.

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