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Discover the Best Review Management Tools for Your Website

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Online reviews are essential for the success of any business. They are the most effective element of a digital marketing strategy, because they represent the unbiased opinion of consumers. When someone lands on your site, they expect you to say that your products are the best on the market. But when they see the opinions of other people like them, who bought your products and support your claims, they will believe them. And with the help of review management tools, you will be able to capture all these positive opinions and share them on your site.

This is just one of the many benefits of using these online tools. The fact is that reviews have a huge impact on your brand reputation. One negative review can cost you several sales. Several negative reviews can brand your business in consumers’ eyes as unreliable and misleading. And you must do everything you can to avoid this.

The Biggest Benefits of Using Review Management Tools

Now, since we are talking about a new tool to use for your business, you may wonder if it is worth the extra cost. We understand your concerns. However, we always strive to select tools and services that offer a balanced cost/benefit ratio.

First of all, let us explain to you why you should use review management tools. Here are some key reasons:

1. They Connect to the Most Popular Review Platforms

The best review management tools interface with the most reputable review sites and platforms, including Google Maps. This gives you real time access to every new review your business gets. If they are extremely positive, you can quickly import it and display it on your website.

2. You Can Manage Negative Reviews Promptly

As we explained above, negative reviews can hurt your brand image. For this reason, it is critical to deal with them as soon as possible. Being prompt in reaching out to the unhappy customer can save your reputation. It shows that you care about your client.

Also, with some unfortunate exceptions, most negative reviews are genuine. By reading them, you can find problems in the way your business treats its clients and fix them.

3. You Can Give Quick Feedback

One way of making happy clients loyal is acknowledging their positive review. A simple thank you will go a long way in making a customer come back to your business. It makes them feel valued and important – something that is just as valuable as quality products and great deals.

4. You Will Grow Your Brand Reputation

Any brand is as valuable as its reputation. This is the same for world class fashion brands and for the corner grocery shop. By nurturing and collecting positive reviews, you will build a valuable and trusted brand image.

5. You Will Rank Higher in Google Searches

Google places a lot of importance on ratings and reviews in determining the trustworthiness of a site. This, as we explained several times in various other blog posts, is one of the top ranking criteria after the most recent algorithm updates.

These Are the Best Review Management Tools You Should Try

Now that you know why you should use review management tools, here are the best solutions on the market:


This is one of the most useful review management tools for businesses that are trying to build reputation quickly. It connects both to Google and Facebook, allowing you to collect reviews from the most popular platforms where your brand will receive them.

As its name states, the platform allows you to embed positive reviews into your website. Among other useful features, we mention;

  • Dashboard for monitoring reviews
  • Real-time notifications
  • Review requests sent to customers
  • Various customisation and moderation options
  • Analytics and insights.

EmbedReviews offers a free trial and two pricing plans: Pro at US $29 per month and Premium at US $99 per month.


For small businesses, this platform offers a free plan, which includes:

  • Sending automatic review requests
  • Displaying reviews on your website
  • Moderating and publishing reviews
  • Creating emails from a template library.

Do you need more? Starting at US $15 per month, Yotpo. offers a ton of useful features for one of the smallest fees for review management platforms on the market. Here is what you get with the Growth plan:

  • Google rich snippets
  • Collecting photos and videos in reviews
  • Sharing reviews on Facebook posts and Google Shopping Ads
  • Creating coupon rewards as incentive for reviews.


NiceJob really does the job! You can start with the free plan, which offers a ton of features – although you will have to perform some tasks manually. But this is one of the review management tools that also help you with automated tasks if you choose one of the paid plans.

For US $75 per month, the Review Standard Plan offer:

  • Automated review requests and follow-up reminders
  • Automated social sharing of positive reviews
  • Monitoring reviews across the web
  • Tracking reviewers across websites
  • Displaying reviews on your website.


We conclude our list of review management tools with this all-in-one platform that offers you several benefits for an affordable fee. The Single Business plan, priced at US $29 per month, you get:

  • Monitor Review reports
  • Review widget on your website
  • Google Business Profile audit
  • Local SEO audit report.


Each of these review management tools is extremely useful for small and mid sized businesses. They help business owners manage and automate various review collection and monitoring tasks, which are essential for managing your online business reputation. Thus, you can save valuable time and have the assurance that you are always notified of new reviews posted by customers.

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