Get to the top of Google with Popularise SEO

Popularise SEO will help you optimise your website and GMB listing for higher Google rankings. No need to hire an expert.

Powerful SEO features, easy-to-use and understand.

Popularise is full of fantastic features that cover all the key areas of SEO. Each will provide you with simple step-by-step recommendations that anyone in your business can implement.

Build an SEO Strategy

Successful SEO requires building the right strategy. Popularise makes it simple for anyone to create the perfect strategy that will target and drive your ideal customers to your website.

Keywords Suggestions

Popularise will help you find the keywords your customers are searching for in Google. Whether based on your products and services, or from your competition, Popularise will show you the top phrases in your industry. Alongside search volume Popularise will also give each phrase a ‘priority score’ to help you identify the most achievable keywords.

Local SEO

Appear higher in the Google map results. Popularise Local will optimise every important part of your Google My Business listing. Not only will it tell you exactly what to do, but you can make the changes directly within the platform – no need to log in to Google!

Content Topic Generator

Writing good content is extremely important when it comes to SEO and we know that it can be very tricky finding new content topics. Popularise will help you to generate new ideas for your blog based on what content your customers are consuming on Google, Twitter and Youtube.

Competition Audits

Spy on your competition to find new ideas for your SEO strategy. Popularise will show you exactly what keywords they are ranking for (great for keyword inspiration), how much traffic they receive and where it comes from, what backlinks they have and what blog content they rank for.

Content Analysis

Popularise will analyse your onsite copy to find recommendations for content changes to make. Whether within meta data, heading or body copy – Popularise will help you optimise your content for Google search as much as possible.

Easily Make SEO Changes

Popularise guides you through the actions you need to make to improve your organic visibility. Every month you get a new SEO ‘to-do’ list, which covers every important action and is explained simply so that anyone can action their own SEO.

Technical SEO

Popularise will complete a technical SEO audit on your website and will generate a list of technical actions that you will need to complete in order to improve your website’s SEO performance.

Easy-To-Follow Actions

Popularise provides you with easy-to-follow actions for each one of your tasks. It shows you information on what you need to do to complete them. We also educate new to SEO customers on why it is important to do it. Popularise has guides on how to complete these actions for WordPress, Shopify, Wix and many more.

Journalist Outreach

Popularise will help you to reach out to a journalist that requires your expert knowledge for their article. You can respond to their requests through Popularise and receive a good value backlink to your website.

Backlink Opportunities

Good value backlinks help to improve your SEO. Popularise show all of your competitors backlinks, which will then guide you on creating new backlink opportunities.

Improve Page Speed

Popularise connects directly to Google to see where you can make changes to your website that will improve your page speed; important for both user experience and SEO ranking!

Track Your Results

Popularise will track your SEO performance so you can see what’s working and what needs more focus on. We’ll track your visibility in Google, your traffic levels and your recent backlink acquisitions. Easy-to-understand, actionable insights.

Keywords Tracking

Follow your site onto page one of Google! Popularise will track your ranking for every keyword you enter into the platform. You can easily track performance over time to identify exactly where you appear in the Google results. Decide to track on an international or local basis.

Analytics Report

Discover the impact your SEO results are having on customer acquisition. Popularise will display your website traffic over your chosen time frame. It will provide you with information on top traffic sources, countries, cities, devices and referrals.

Backlinks Analysis

Not only does Popularise help you build new backlinks, but it tracks all of your new and lost backlinks, as well as your competitors links. It will also show you a ‘backlink’ score so you can quickly see which links are most valuable.

Popularise App works with all websites, including…