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The Most Effective Types of Infographics to Engage Your Readers



Infographics are one of the most effective types of content. An infographic breaks down language barriers and has the potential to reach more people than a written article. Moreover, since our brains are wired to remember visual information for a longer time, your readers are more likely to build loyalty with you. They may forget an article, but they will remember a clever and colourful infographic which helped them understand something they wanted to know. In this article, we will show you the most effective types of infographics you should add to your usual content mix.

Do I Need to Hire a Designer to Create Infographics?

We are sure that you are already thinking about the money needed for this new type of content. The good news is that it will only cost you some time and effort. Free platforms like Canva, Visme or Piktochart give you all the tools you need to create professional looking infographic without having any graphic design skills.

The platforms also offer you stock graphics and images if you need them. However, our advice is to use your own branded visuals in infographics. They will make your content stand out and look unique. Plus, it will meet your regular branding requirements (fonts, colours, patterns, etc.).

The Anatomy of a Great Infographic

Before we move on to listing the most effective types of infographics, let us tell you a few words about creating them. What is the purpose of an infographic? Its role is to present complex or abstract information in a visual form, easy to understand by readers.

To achieve this goal, an infographic should have:

  • Large and catchy headlines and subheadings
  • A clean layout, easy to follow
  • Careful selection of colours and patterns
  • Legible fonts, which look good both on a large computer screen and on a mobile phone.

You must keep in mind that infographics should be a perfect blend of information and graphic presentation. An elaborate design will not save poor research and uninteresting, outdated information. Likewise, if your infographic does not look great, people will not spend time reading all the information it contains.

These Are the Most Effective Types of Infographics

We now get to the core of our article. These are the most popular topics for infographics:

1. Statistics

Statistical data helps people understand various market, financial, and socio-demographic trends. It also contains the summary of various polls and surveys, with the key findings. You can put the data in a table or in a list, but it does not have the same impact as a visual presentation.

Statistics represent one of the most effective types of infographics. This format is also use by companies preparing their annual financial reports to show shareholders how much the business has grown (or shrunk). Anyone can understand the true relevance of the information.

2. Timelines

This is one of the most effective types of infographics for brand storytelling. You can present the evolution of your business in images and numbers, from the very beginning. If your business evolved to bigger and more impressive offices and store locations, you should add the photos to the timeline infographic for a more powerful effect.

Infographics of this type are effective both in the digital world and on printed marketing materials you offer participants at business events and conventions.

3. Lists

Lists are very useful to share information in an orderly and easy to read way. But they can be boring – just some text with bullet points on white background. You can be amazed the difference it makes if you add a colourful background and a few graphic elements.

Lists make one of the most popular and effective types of infographics for all businesses, including for the B2B sector.

4. Tutorials

Tutorials presented in a graphic form, with clear steps and visual instructions are immensely popular among people. Many of us need to see how it’s done in order to reproduce the process correctly. You can stand out and surpass your competitors by creating helpful tutorials in infographic form.

Your competitors’ products may be more advanced or more affordable, but the effort you make to show clients how to use them will become your main selling point.

5. Comparisons

Comparisons between products, old and new versions of your software or service plans are extremely effective if you present them as infographics. With clever graphics and a good colour scheme, you can focus the reader’s attention of the benefits of the offer you wish to promote.

This is what makes comparisons one of the most effective types of infographics. Many companies use them in their pricing page to showcase various payment plans and focus on the one they wish to sell with preponderance.

6. Hierarchies

When you think of hierarchies, you are mostly considering organisation charts in businesses. However, this type of graphic presentation is adequate for many other fields and types of information, such as:

  • Healthy foods
  • Balance between work and life
  • Skills needed for certain jobs or for becoming an entrepreneur
  • Schedules for various activities.

7. Single Pie Chart

Pie charts are effective in showing percentages that make a whole. You can make them even more effective if you separate them from the explanatory text and present them as self-standing infographics. Using contrasting colours, you can showcase the area of the pie chart that you want readers to focus on and remember. Plus, the pie chart can generate many backlinks if you publish on a separate page.

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