March 17

The Most Engaging Shareable Content You Should Create

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Sharing is caring – and this is plainly visible on the social media. People share all types of articles, videos and photos which they find interesting, useful or just funny. However, the main motivation for sharing is letting others know what you found helpful. This is why shareable content often has to do with tutorials.

But this is just one very small item on the long list of shareable content that brands create on a constant basis. Many of them are doing it for years. If you have missed out so far, there is no problem. You can start right away and catch up with everyone else.

What Are the Key Elements of Shareable Content?

First of all, let us understand what makes some articles and videos go viral, while others barely get a few likes and shares. While trends may change, these best practices will always remain valid.

So, great shareable content is:

1. Accompanied by Engaging Visuals

People respond emotionally to shapes and colours. Plus, our brains are programmed to retain visual information faster and for a longer time than abstract information. This is why many companies create video tutorials showing how to do something, instead of writing an article.

2. Posted in a Timely Fashion

You can create shareable content by joining a popular topic or trend. This is the case of popular hashtags on Twitter or memes on Facebook. But here’s the secret: you must create and post your content while the topic is still trendy.

For example, there was a time when the “Keep Calm &” meme was so popular, you couldn’t scroll down on your Facebook timeline without seeing five or six different versions. Now, you would be hard pressed to find one. Its time has passed.

3. Helpful for a Lot of People

Tutorials and advice content will always be shareable. There are so many people who want to learn something or solve a problem on their own. Once you give them a helping hand, they will trust you enough to let you solve their problems through your products and services.

3. A Great Story

People have been telling stories since the beginning of times. The cave paintings archeologists study with so much dedication are nothing more than stories our ancestors recorded in the only language they knew: visual representation.

At the present, a lot of brands create shareable stories about their journey – or their customers’ journeys. This is not just shareable content, but also a great tool for creating loyal customers and brand awareness.

4. A Unique Outlook on a Topic

Finally, content is shareable if it brings something new to the table. Simply rehashing ideas already available online will not help you achieve your goals of getting lots of likes and shares.

These Are the Most Popular and Effective Types of Shareable Content

Now let us show you what type of content people like to share on their social media:

1. Ranked Lists

From the best handyman to the worst weight loss tactics, people love ranked lists. They can find something useful to buy or to do – or, know to stay away from others. In a world flooded by so many products, it is difficult to know which to trust.

These lists offer clarity and, as a result, get a lot of shares on the social media.

2. Fact of the Day

Fact of the day is not just a type of shareable content. It helps you demonstrate your expertise by sharing less known data and information from your field. You can also fill in a day in your posting calendar without having to look for trendy topics.

You can simply rely on your unique know-how, select a piece of information, and elaborate a short or more detailed article on it.

3. Statistical Data as Infographics

Statistics help people understand the impact or the importance of a specific item. However, numbers are difficult to crunch – especially if they are big. This is where infographics come in to save the day.

By making numbers visual and comparing them to elements people are familiar with, they will understand the importance of what you want to tell them. For example, US journalists often describe large surfaces by comparison with a football field – something most Americans are aware how big it is.

4. Why Articles

Why articles will always be popular among readers. Why? (Yes, pun intended here.) The answer is because they appeal to one of the strongest parts of human nature: curiosity.

We all want to learn something new, get explanations and clarifications and be able to pass on our newly acquired knowledge. This type of shareable content is even more likely to go viral if it approaches a very recent topic, where few explanations are available.

5. How-To Videos

You did not think we would leave this one out, did you? How-to posts are the gold standard for:

  • Proving your expertise
  • Creating lead magnets
  • Attracting new leads
  • Boosting brand awareness.

People have always been enthusiast DIYers, but the COVID pandemic has boosted this preference for being independent and able to do things by themselves. So, teach them how to do things within your area of expertise, and many will become your loyal clients.

6. Roundup Articles

Roundup articles are great for the end of week/month/season/year. They offer you a respite from looking for new topics and help you reinforce ideas and topics that are already popular on their own separate web pages.

You can also create a lot of links within your site by resorting to this type of shareable content.

7.  Do’s and Don’ts Articles or Videos

Finally, do’s and don’ts will always be popular among people. It is all about the good/bad dichotomy from fairytales that we have been accustomed to since childhood. It is also helpful for people who begin to learn about something and are flooded by contradicting information.

As a side note, a variation of this type of shareable content is the “myth debunking” one. In this instance, you state the obvious don’ts and, once you explain why they are wrong, come up with the true answer.


Shareable content does not have to be rocket science. In fact, you are most likely already creating some of these types of content already. You just need to remember to make them a staple in your content mix.

Also, don’t be afraid to try new approaches and new recipes. After all, only the sky is the limit when it comes to innovation in content marketing. Good luck!

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