January 27

The Most Engaging Types of Interactive Content to Boost Audience

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Keeping your website visitors engaged is increasingly difficult. People’s attention span is getting shorter and competitors produce content just as frequently as you do. However, there are ways to bring visitors back to your site and attract new ones, as well. You should know how to add various types of interactive content to your posting calendar. And this is what we will discuss in today’s article.

Why Are Various Types of Interactive Content So Popular?

Action will always attract attention and interest. People are no longer satisfied to be passive consumers of content. They want to be able to interact with it, do something, get results and feel that the content was tailored for their needs and interests.

And this is exactly what the most engaging types of interactive content do. They make each user believe that the content was especially created for them. This makes each person feel unique and enjoying a special attention from the content creator. And this feeling nurtures trust and loyalty towards a brand.

Engaging Types of Interactive Contents Help You Understand Your Audience

There is another aspect of interest for companies that create and post various types of interactive content. By analysing the analytics for this kind of content, they can discover new demographic groups they can target.

Also, they can discover behavioural patterns and other useful details, such as:

  • Pain points
  • Likes and interests
  • Opportunities to fill a gap in the market
  • New content ideas suggested by the users’ interactions with the content.

This is similar to conducting a market research, but without having to pay a specialised company.

What Types of Interactive Content Perform Best?

These are the most popular types of interactive content among users, both on websites and on the social media:

1. Quizzes

Everyone likes to learn something fun and interest about themselves – such as, which celebrity is their soul mate or what type of bathing suit looks best on their body type. While some quizzes are purely for fun, others can actually be useful.

With these types of interactive content you can help users discover the best products to solve their needs or problems. It is much more effective than telling them in a newsletter that they should try the respective products.

2. Polls

Polls help companies learn a lot of things about their customers:

  • How much they trust the brand
  • Which product they like best/least
  • Which new products they would like to find in their store
  • How the company can improve customer service.

This is one of the types of interactive content that businesses should create at least twice per year. They are the most honest barometer indicating customer feeling towards the brand. Also, pills can allow companies to discover interesting new ideas for products and services.

3. Image Carousels

Image carousels allow users to swipe through a line-up of photos. They are mostly used in social media ads and posts, offering a selection of products that users can buy in a few clicks (or taps).

But image carousels are now a great idea for websites, as well. For example, a carousel on a product page can feature the item from various angles, giving the prospective customer an idea of how it looks in real life.

4. Live Q&A Sessions

This is one of the types of interactive content with the highest potential to convert leads. It also involves a little more effort: you have to set aside time to host the Q&A session and be prepared to answer a wide range of questions.

But, if you do it right, a Q&A session can lead to more sales, more subscribers to the newsletter, and more engagement with your customer base. In a world where robots and AI seem to take over customer service, a one-on-one chat with a real human being becomes extremely valuable.

5. Calculators

Calculators of all kinds are extremely popular among consumers. How much money do I save if I choose this subscription plan? How much can I borrow based on my income? How many calories do I burn with various types of cardio routines?

Of course, nobody expects exact, guaranteed results from an online calculator. But if it gives them an idea of what they may achieve/obtain, consumers are more likely to try a product or service. You should also ask a lawyer to help you prepare a quick disclaimer stating that people should not make buying decisions based on the results given by the calculator alone.

6. Interactive Maps

Maps sound like the one of the types of interactive content that only travel agencies could use. But, with a little creative thinking, you can see that the concept can be adapted to suit various types of businesses.

Consider a large mall. The entire layout can be an interactive map showing customers:

  • Where the food court is
  • Where they can bring their children to play
  • Where to find their favourite brands.

The same is true for various events and conventions, showing attendees where each participant has its presentation booth, where keynote speeches take place and where to watch product demonstrations.

7. Games

Games represent the ultimate type of interactive content. Top brands use them to increase customer loyalty, promote sales and showcase new products. You can create simple in-person or online games which guide customers towards various prizes and promotional discounts.

Only your budget limits the creativity and scope of each game. But, no matter how small and simple, you will reap a lot of benefits from games. People love to be entertained and to win. And they will remember that you did a nice thing for them.


All these types of interactive content are useful for any brand in any niche. Even B2B companies can use some of these ideas in order to create stronger relationships with corporate clients. The fact is that, deep inside, every professional buyer and financial manager is a human being. And they appreciate realising that business partners do something addressing their human side, as well.

What matters is knowing your audience and understanding what types of interactive content they would best respond to. But this is something that any reputable business does – constant study and updating of their buyer persona.

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