June 11

Tips for Safely Using AI Generated Content in Your Marketing Strategy

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So far, we have advised you to resist the temptation of replacing content writers with AI tools. Has anything changed? Why would we talk about AI generated content right now? The fact is that turning a blind eye to new technologies and rejecting them as a matter of course is never a good idea.

Just like with anything else invented by man, the early beginnings are shaky and there is a lot of uncertainty as to the reliability and capacities of these tools. Also, there is the genuine concern that, one day, AI will replace content writers and put them out of business.

In reality, all new technologies gave rise to the same worries, which never came true. Thus, lets us put aside any kind of misgivings, and have an honest discussion about using AI generated content in digital marketing.

AI Will Assist You in Your Work, Not Replace You

First of all, we wish to repeat the fact that the ideas we will share with you do not mean that you have to stop writing content. As much as you want, your input is crucial in editing and improving whatever AI tools will generate at your prompt.

And this is exactly what other business owners like you are doing, as we will show below

Statistics about AI Content Creation in Business

According to a Forbes research, 97% of business owners believe that ChatGPT and other tools will help their business. This is a really significant finding. However, we must mention others to have a complete picture. So far:

  • 46% businesses use AI to create internal communication messages
  • 33% plan to use it to create website content
  • 44% want to use AI to generate content in other languages.

In this context, let us look at some of the ways in which AI generated content can be used without compromising your brand value and voice.

1. Create Outlines for Your Content

Building the outline for an article takes as much as research for data and statistics. This is where AI generated content can help you. Input the basic parameters – topic, number of headings, average word count, and you will get the basic structure to work on.

You will be amazed how easy it is to use your own words to create original and high quality content starting from this outline. You will save a lot of time, which you can devote to proofreading your article more carefully and publishing it without delay.

2. Conduct Research for Article Topics

When you write on a fairly new topic to you, research will take a lot of time. Your are not even sure how many sources to consult. With seven or eight tabs opened in your browser, you feel lost and cannot make heads or tail of the volume of information you are getting.

At this point in content creation, we can safely say that AI generated content helps. You can ask questions about this topic and get the information you need, summarised in a way that you can understand.

From that point onwards, you can start writing your content and looking for reliable sources to add as backlinks.

3. Fight the Writer’s Block

We all have days when we’re supposed to write this week’s blog post and we just don’t have any idea. You know that if you managed to get a single line, a title or a first sentence, you’d be able to complete the task.

But it just doesn’t happen. And this is when you can turn to ChatGPT and other conversational AI tools to get ideas. Start querying a general topic that would be of interest for your audience and the tool will start giving you ideas – some of them really great.

All you have to do next is make sure that you rely only on your experience and writing style to craft the body of the article.

4. Generate Short Content Pieces

AI tools are very good at creating short content pieces that do not require a lot of human input. We are talking about:

  • Email templates
  • Social media posts
  • SMS/push notifications
  • Basic product descriptions for everyday consumer goods.

5. Create Keyword Optimised Rough Drafts

Keywords are still very relevant for SEO, but you would be surprised how much online content is not properly optimised. It is either too dense in keywords, or does not include secondary key words or variations of the main term. Using AI for content creation can help you avoid this mistake.

Some tools let you specify the main and secondary keywords and will add it throughout the article. Once you start editing, you only have to focus on adding your brand voice to the content and making it sound authentic.

Key Takeaways

AI is still not ready to replace human writers, even if we wanted this. The content it produces lacks the authentic tone of your brand voice and sounds more like boilerplate content.

However, AI generated content can be the start you need for having a good article idea, a general outline and keyword optimisation. For this reason, you should look at AI as a helpful tool – not a replacement of your content creation efforts.

In time, just like other tools, it will have its place among other solutions you use for SEO, social media marketing and other business purposes. For now, you know that you can work with AI to generate content – but you still have to do the editing and improvement part.

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