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What Marketers Need to Know about Google Web Stories

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The Google team has been busy in the last couple of months, tweaking many of its services, from Google My Business to the way it indexes pages (mobile first). Now, they decided to rebrand one of its proprietary content formats. Google AMP became Google Web Stories and now has a dedicated plugin which anyone can install on their website for free.

What Exactly Are Google Web Stories?

The concept of “story” on the web appeared in Instagram and Facebook adopted it soon after. It is a content format that brings together several images or animated GIFs which tell a story to the viewer. The viewer can progress through the story at their own page or at a set pace, and enjoy short content bites, which are perfect for busy people browsing internet on their mobile phones.

Google decided to tap into this trend. First, the Google AMP stories, available only for mobile phones, and now with Google Web Stories – which you can create and share on your website making them available both to mobile users and to computer users.

Why Should You Consider Creating Google Web Stories?

Google is pushing towards a new concept of serving search results. The Alphabet company shows an increased preference for visual content. After all, a photo is worth 1,000, or so the saying goes.

However, it is undeniable that the latest changes to the way Google displays search results, by prioritising YouTube links over written content, for instance, shows a continuous trend. Since Google does everything in response to how users interact with its platform, these changes are determined by the way people (your target customers) want to discover and consume content online.

How to Create Google Web Stories

As explained above, Google has officially launched a WordPress plugin for creating Google Web Stories. It is extremely easy to use – just drag and drop elements. The plugin contains:

  • Predefined templates
  • Customisable text fonts and colours
  • Quick access to WordPress media library.

In a few minutes, you can create engaging and visually rich stories and publish them. It is just as simple as creating an Instagram story, but with added benefits.

Key Benefits of Using Google Web Stories

Let us tell you now why you should install the Google Web Stories plugin and start creating stories. In our opinion, these are the key benefits your company will enjoy:

1. You Are the Owner of the Content

Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories have one major flaw: they are hosted on a platform you do not control. Thus, they do not fully belong to you. Google Web Stories are created as mini-pages of your website, meaning that they are 100% under your control.

2. Google Web Stories Create Immersive Experiences for Users

Google Web Stories are fun and interactive. They allow users to explore your branded content at their own pace. The story will offer the same engaging experience on any device – computer, laptop or mobile phone.

3. They Appear in Several Places across the Web

Your potential clients can find Google Web Stories in several places across the internet. They are displayed in Google search results, on Google Discover feeds and in your online publications (newsletters, electronic brochures, etc.).

4. You Can Monetise Your Google Web Stories

You can choose to host ads within your stories. In this case, any revenues generated by these ads belong 100% to you. Programmatic ads can be created through Google Ad Manager and Google Ad Sense.

5. You Can Track Story Traffic

Google Web Stories can be linked to Google Analytics or other traffic monitoring software you are using. This means that you can analyse the performance of your stories and see how effective they are in bringing new leads and customers to your business.

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